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Interview #2 - mikehail4.5.2013 19:04 - Bulb
    Hello and welcome to the second BK interview! Today we chose someone who has experienced various doom ports over the years, one great attacker from the IDL, outstanding player and one of not so many people I actually know from the IDL, here we go, the IDL champion mikehail :wink:

1. Tell us about yourself, how old are you, what do you do for living and what are your hobbies?

Well, my name is Michael, I am a 25 year old senior in university, currently studying biology.

I used to daytrade but felt like I could be more useful and interesting if I got a degree that would allow me to not spend 10 hours glued to the computer every day watching graphs and reading news.

As far as hobbies go, I love cooking, maintaining a bunch of aquariums, though I don't have time for that currently, or anything outdoorsy like fishing or chasing around my dwarf goats. Of course I sometimes play video games too.

2. If you could move to any country in the world, which would you choose and why?

Oh boy, I have no clue. There are a lot of countries I would like to visit like mongolia, brazil, georgia, scandinavia, and some others, but mostly from a learning perspective.

3. What are your current plans for the future?

Hopefully going to be getting a masters degree and getting into some state research or conservation work. Hopefully something that can make use of my biology and engineering backgrounds. Recreationally, I would also like to eat lots of strange foods of different cultures, like your steak tartare.

4. If you were asked to pick between: ping 30 to every single ZDaemon server, tasty Alaska bear dinner or being the IRC master on Skulltag, what would you pick?

Well, I already had 40 ping to a zd server when unfy was still up in california and I beat RFA in a 2v4 and they got butthurt and left. If I had to go on the skulltag irc I would probably end up killing myself or suffering some sort of terrible event. However, I have heard that bear makes a fantastic sausage and what would be better for dinner than a nice bear sausage goulash? I suppose you could make some type of stuffed bear chops but that sounds a lot less interesting and a lot more chewy.

5. What's your doom history, how did you come across it and when did you try multiplayer doom for the first time?

I kind of played off and on when I was younger on my brothers account. The first time was probably back somewhere between 2000-2003, I only played rarely as I still was actively playing quakeworld. A few years later I came back, early 2007 and started playing some coop. I was too nervous to even play duels or ctf for a long time, but eventually ended up joining the IDL but didn't end up playing more than one game in the first season because I had moved and had no internet. After another year or so I kind of worked my way back into it, playing more of an offensive role as my crappier internet was nearly impossible to get frags on.

I think my most significant 1v1 opponent was chewy, I think I played probably 75% or more of my duels against him. I beat him in zdraceb a few times, probably my most important doom accomplishment :tongue:

6. What games do you play besides doom?

I think most actively I play league of legends, but I play a lot of really boring strategy games too. Anything by paradox interactive is pretty amazing. If it has any type of strategy component I have probably at least looked at it. Quakeworld is a lot of fun too, but I am pretty awful and it can be hard to play, but the community is super nice and very dedicated.

7. I remember you from the days when IDL used to take place in ZDaemon community. I suppose those were the best moments of competitive dooming for you, what moments were the most significant in your opinion?

I think I enjoyed every single team I was on for different reasons. SXP part 1 had the great moment of playing my first IDL game and pulling out the win in a powerplay situation, against Ralphis and Fyrestorm (I can still remember xenaero saying omg omg fyre is coming). My first run on SPE was a lot of fun because we were awful and I had nothing to worry about, it was a perfect opportunity to focus on my gameplay and get better. After that, I finally got on a team with bones on BSK and that was the season I set the flag record, which was a pretty large accomplishment I think when you consider I was playing with around 120-140ms of lag. We ended up losing, mostly because our teammate midian ended up invading cuba for some reason and was playing with *** ping vs our biggest rival of the season. My first time playing with Tai was alright, it gave me a lot of time to get to know DevastatioN since he was my teammate and we practiced a lot, which really helped round out my game with regards to positioning and timing. I got a season with Nostar which we would have won but ultimately I felt like it was just too easy, even though we lost, since we steamrolled all the teams that season. Finally on SPE for the last time, it was a very interesting scenario for me, because I finally got a decent connection and had about 80ms to the IDL servers. My frag ratio jumped about 30% in the span of a week and I felt like I had reached my peak in terms of play. Finally on KNF, I ended up playing a carrying role, which was quite a large spin for me, as my first few seasons I felt so helpless and I had become one of the best players in the league.

Of course, there were quite a few fun moments in european leagues too, playing vain on map01, playing in the vendetta tournament and seeing shadowforce whine about lag when I had 350ms was pretty hilarious, xsnakes apple wrangling!! and of course winning the rlight tournament (to this day I am still undefeated vs nostar there).

I never got a chance to play with chewy, but that would have been a waste of time because it would have been too easy and we would have screwed off and threw. I did get to play with bones, dev, nostar, rus, and some others, which was quite a lot of fun. All those guys have a great sense of humor and a pretty decent work ethic, except bones with his girl wrists. As far as strongest team ever, it would be any team with chewy on it, he pretty much counted as 2 people on every map, I was only good enough to guarantee wins on a small handful of maps, though I feel like we had very similar playstyles. He was just much better at it :turned:

8. It's obvious why IDL changed to Odamex. I don't want to start any portwars, but since you are experienced in both ports, how would you compare these two ports and their communities?

It was kind of a forced move for the IDL, which I did not really support at all initially. Odamex simply wasn't as good as ZD at the time, so it was kind of a political move more than anything. If Zdaemon wasn't so hostile to the IDL, I think it would still be played on that port, but all attempts at reconciliation were avoided. As far as communities go, ZD is quite a bit larger and more diverse I would say but I think the current playerbase on odamex is a lot more dedicated and skilled. The biggest selling point for odamex I think is drsean is a really nice, laid back guy and most questions are addressed simply.

9. What do you think about BK? :smile:


10. Thank you for your time miek! Who would you recommend for the next interview? :wink:

I think some of the more interesting untold stories would be from dewww or humanbones, two guys who have been on all sides of the ring for years.
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Interview #1 - Kilgore25.4.2013 19:04 - Bulb
    Hello and welcome to the first BK interview. Hopefully more interviews will be added in the future on a regular basis. Our goal is to propagate our clan and the site worldwide, therefore interviews will be written in english. Have fun with our first guest - one of the ZDaemon head admins - Kilgore!

1. Tell us about yourself, how old are you, what do you do for living and what are your hobbies?

Age: Paleolithic :smile:

Profession: Programmer

Hobbies: Programming, FPS gaming (ZDaemon/UT2K4), Motorcycle riding

2. What is the origin of your nickname?

Colonel Kilgore from Apocalypse Now (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Apocalypse_Now). A very decent movie showing the horrors of war (http://www.imdb.com/character/ch0002961/quotes).

3. For how long have you been around in the ZDaemon community?

Since February/March of 2003. I think the current release was 1.03 back then.

4. What were the reasons you decided to put so much effort into the ZDaemon development, do you ever regret it or is it still a passion for you?

Well, I just wanted to play a free FPS multiplayer game and I was happy I found ZDaemon. The problem was, there were too many bugs at the time; for example, half the times we played brit11 map06 (the author room), the server would hang at the end of the map and it would remain hung for a few days (until the Godfather would restart it manually). My BT clanmates at the time (206 specifically) asked me to implement the TDM mode so we could play our clan wars (the only modes back then were DM and coop, so the only way for clans to fight would be a series of duels: TDM was implemented specifically to improve on that). So I decided to help by implementing the TDM mode and starting to fix bugs. And I'm still fixing them (although now they're MUCH rarer and less annoying than they used to be). Keep in mind, developing ZDaemon is NOT my goal in life; ie., I have very specific things in mind that I'd like to add/fix; after that, I'll go back to playing.

About regreting something: yeah, I do. When I came here, I had not realized that doom is NOT free; having a free engine, but not free data (the IWADs) is unacceptable IMHO. If I had known that up front, I would have gone to something like cube/sauerbraten. But since I've already spent lots of time here, there is no point changing by now.

5. What is your favorite gaming mode and why?

I used to play FFA back then, but not any more; I sincerely don't like the chaos/cheap shots prevalent in FFA nowadays. I've switched to duels / 4-plays at the most. TDM and DDOM can be very nice too, but they pretty much require "fixed teams" (rather than random people).

6. ZDaemon is going through a popularity boom these days, what do you think are the main reasons of that and where is the strength of ZDaemon compared to other ports?

I don't see a popularity boom here: more like a plateau with a small increase over time (but you can't call it a boom). Maybe you're comparing it to other ports that have declining popularity. As to how ZDaemon differs from other ports, I'd say that our main goal is to add new (hopefully interesting) stuff or fix existing problems, but above all, emphasize continuity for the players. Just look at the demo compatibility and you can see the commitment to continuity. ZDaemon is not a "mapper's port" (like zdoom): it's more of a "player's port" (while we still try to satisfy some mapper demands) and it has to be that way since its main focus is multiplayer.

7. Can you give us a little sneak peek of the features of the upcomming ZDaemon version?

Here are a few things you can expect from 1.10:

1. Server-side demos: it's already in testing at a few 'event' servers

2. True widescreen (16:9) mode (with higher FOV).

3. Bright skins option.

4. UT2k4-style double-jumping.

5. More work on Hexen: here are a few screenshots:






Note: (a) True widescreen (not stretched), (b) Hexen HUD (non-existent till now), (c) Hexen weapon, (d) Ice death.

6. A duel rating system (ELO or better).

7. Quite a few other things and bug fixes :smile:

8. If you had the power to instantly change anything in the ZDaemon community, what would it be?

The one thing I'd want would be more than 24 hours per day, so we could fix problems (or implement new stuff) faster. Unfortunately, that won't happen.

9. Do you keep track of other ports' progress? Do you check their forums any often? In case you do, what ports are you interested in?

Sorry, no :smile:

10. Do you think the upcomming CTF league (by Selami) has any chance to success?

I haven't followed all the details about that league, but sure: a CTF league is something that's both desirable and has a good chance of success.

11. What do you think about CZ? We are a small country but we have a lot of doomers :smile:

It's well known that CZ has lots of doomers; I had 2 czech clanmates (Ufon and Beran) and I know other Czech players quite well (Draza and Titan for example). Seems to me that CZ is one of the 4 european countries with significant (and quality) representation in doom (CZ, UK, HR, FI).

12. Maybe you think BK are only exp whores because of Brit10, but we like the real FFA as well :smile:Therefore the Czech doomers decided to make a WAD compilation, we tried to pick the best of greenwar, udm2, dwango5, brit11 and others. The compilation is going to be ready soon and we will spend some time to test it. What do you think about this idea?

About you being exp. whores or not, see what I said above: I know you guys quite well to realize that you can play much more than brit10. About the compilation WADs: it's not a bad idea: the Godfather has been making such compilation WADs for years (eg., classix, fastmapsN) and they had quite a bit of success (especially classix). I'd only advise that you make more than one compilation WADs and separate them by the intended number of players: suppose for example, you make A.WAD with maps for 4-6 players, B.WAD with maps for 6-8 players and C.WAD with maps for 8-12 players. That will make it easier for the server hosts, so your WADs will have a higher chance of getting played.

13. What do you think about BK?

I haven't seen you guys play in a team mode yet, but I know many of you individually; you guys are certainly a very strong clan.

14. Capo has been banned recently for his behaviour, is there a real chance for him to get an opportunity to get unbanned? :smile:

The guy kept complaining about how bad ZDaemon is; every few days he would bait us and we kept silent for long (maybe too long). But enough is enough: if he means the things he says, why does he want to be here? just to pester us? If I join your clan and I pester you day in and day out like capo did, how long will it be before you show me the door?

15. Is there something you want to comment on before we and this interview? In any case, thank you for your time!

Nothing comes to mind guys; I'm glad to help in any way I can; enjoy the game.
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I was told DH stopped trolling for good, oh wait...20.4.2013 14:04 - Bulb
    Mám tu jednu newsku o znovuobživnutívše kla(u)nu DH přímo z dílny Gyrose a Vodyho, jelikož jsou to naši nejlepší kamarádi a nemají vlastní stránky, nabídli jsme azyl tady :wink:


Tohle nám asi málo kdo uvěří, ale je to fakt! Klan u jehož vzniku byl převážně nápoj zvaný:
RUM! Přešel do další fáze svojí historie a po hibernaci, kterou udržoval Nehumanoidní se
Opět rozjel ve velkém stylu a začal uvádět do rozpaků všechny současné hráče ZDaemonu.
Logicky jsme se setkali s posměchem, že vše je pouhé trololo a všichni nás měli za blázny.
Opak je pravdou a proto přinášíme novou soupisku nejlepšího alkoholového klanu historie!
Lukas111_cz coby hrdý člen posledních dekád dooma a pamětník starých Death Hunters!
Ovšemže jeho skill je stejný. Dále je tu Vody, dew, Gyrossman a anglnán Nevan.

Tak myslím, že dewa netřeba představovat. Byl v původních DH, dokud neodešel za Dopem.
Rozmrdávače duelových serverů a CTFek Gyrosse zná taky kdekdo, ale ten je zatím zrezlej.
O něco méně známý bude Nevan, ale jeho obranná hra nás pozvedla na úplně jinou úroveň.
Lavina dalších příchozích (s)killerů na sebe doufejme nenechá dlouho čekat!
O té ostudě, že k nám nejdřív nechtěli ani Bubuss a slovák Marin3, raději pomlčím.
Ludry který se nám smáli, že je to je trololo zakopeme šest metrů pod zem.
Ownujeme vás všechny!
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Česká scéna 2013 [idoom]13.4.2013 - Bulb
    Komentáře k newsce na idoomu (http://idoom.cz/doom/novinky/ceska-scena-2013/452/)
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Přáteláček s DH7.4.2013 - Bulb
    Tak nás včera okolo půlnoci znovuobživnutí DH vytrolovali na pár her, doteď nikdo neví, jestli to borci s tim klanem myslí vážně, nebo ne, ale už maji s tímto za sebou dva vytrolované zápasy, takže doufejme, že jim to vydrží i nadále.
DH nastoupili v sestavě dew, Gyros, Lukas a za BK hrál turSKA a dále za tímto finským aimerem skillově trochu zaostávající Bulb a Graim :grin: ale poladili jsme Skype, abysme nebyli za úplný postižence a vyrazili jsme do boje :smile:

Kvůli dewovi vybíráme jeho nejoblíbenější mapu a to sice map01, já s graimem to tlučem v obraně, turska nosí vlajky, pár povedených vlakovlajek vyústilo ve skóre 3:0 pro BK.

Další mapa je 04 alias jak my rádi říkáme "žebříky" a to cca po půlhodinové přestávce kdy dew střídavě nadává na lukášovu obranu a na nehrající sluchátka resp. hrající repráky... Celkem bez většího zaváhání zavěšuje turska poslední vlajku a to při skóre 5:0 pro BK.

Na řadu přicházi map08, od dob tomsy_x (byl první, koho jsem s tím viděl na publicu :grin:) oblíbená rocketjumperská mapka a to znamená malý vykřičník pro naší obranu, protože budeme muset čelit útokům rj specialisty dewa. Nutno ale podotknout, že morálka DH je z nejistých důvodů mírně rozložena a tak po deseti minutách vyhráváme s jedním zaváháním a se skóre 4:1, tady už začíná trochu přituhovat, lukáš po nátlaku opouští server :grin: a tím uzavíráme přáteláček s celkovým skóre 3:0 na mapy.... situaci ilustruje obrázek níže, který byl zachycen z šatny soupeře těsně po odehrání map08 (na obrázku dewww)

Dále se na serveru objevuje ModaneseAdriano (Ital) a později i Bubuss (pravděpodobně další z DH, ale tím si nikdo není jistý). Jsme poraženi na map31 (skóre 2-3), dále remizujeme 1-1 na frozenu, vyhráváme 26 (3-2) a přestože máme s Graimem Skype tak trochu trapná výhra na map11 3-2 ale i tak můžu říct, že GGs a díky za hry!!! :smile:
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Jarinův mocný comeback na #zdirc4.4.2013 - Bulb

BUT WHEN I DO, I LEAVE WITH THIS QUITTING MESSAGE: [Killed by AF-Domains.net (You did not email me, nor were you banned for cheating. You are however banned again for evading. Get out)

Věrka Studená, časopis Neponaučitelný hulibrk
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Co je nového na ZD (by Bulb)2.4.2013 - Bulb
    Zdravím všechny (dva) příznivce BK. Je to asi dva týdny, co jsem znovu spustil ZLauncher po cca 5mesíční pauze, což byla pro mě vůbec nejdelší pauza od Doomu od roku 2005. Člověk najednou zjistí, že je na všechno tak nějak víc času, udělat zkoušky na první pokus najednou není zas takový problém atd. No asi bych to ani znova nenainstaloval nebýt Evolutiona, který se pro mě záhadným způsobem dostal do BK a já chtěl tuto záležitost řešit s ostatními členy BK a k tomu bylo zapotřebí IRC. Takže tímto zdravím do Velké Británie :smile:
No a jak je na tom ZDaemon v roce 2013? Ten pocit spouštění ZLauncheru je stejný, jako kdybych to spouštěl včera naposled, čístá instalace ZD, takže na IRC se dostávám jen na kanál #zdplayers, automaticky tedy píšu /join #cz a /join #bk. Není překvapením, že na #cz narážím jen na 4 lidi, kterými jsou FunebraK, Firestone, cyberreality a můj taiwanský skalní fanoušek jacky :smile:
Zjišťuji, že hodně lidí si dalo přestávku podobně jako já. Odpoledne dostávám naloženo od Graima na entry, na dwangu, na judasu, na kingu, prostě všude, kde to jen jde a aby toho nebylo málo, jsme poraženi jakýmsi latinsko-americkým klanem FI a to přesto, že hrajeme v sestavě Bulb, czegi, Graim, FunebraK!!! :smile:. Graim prý měl taky doom-dovolenou a hraje teď cca 3 dny po hodně dlouhé době, czegi stejně tak. Později večer se objevuje i Vody a dew a další den i Gyros, se kterým jsem ale byl aspoň do jisté míry v kontaktu díky facebooku. Pár dní později se na #cz objevuje i Spirit, Lukas111 a dokonce i Bubuss (ale ten zatím jen na chvíli, protože za hodinu vstává do práce). Tímto zdravím i Sks23, ten podle posledních zpráv v rozhořčení na brit10 rozmlátil, rozkopal, pošpinil, pochcal a jinými nezveřejnitelnými způsoby zdevastoval svůj notebook a je nyní odsouzen k návštěvám internetu pouze přes mobil :grin:
Na #bk jsme se sešli všichni ti, kdož jsou uvedeni vlevo zde na stránkách :smile:
Takže ve finále to k mému překvapení hraje ještě _relativně_ hodně lidí, jediný, na koho jsem se nejvíc těšil!!! byl jarin_cz, ale ten dostal banána viz. guestbook :grin:
Tak a teď jaké novinky jsem zaznamenal:
1) Vody se pokouší znovu oživit LEGENDÁRNÍ klan DH, ale zatím nebylo odhaleno, jestli jde o čistý trolling, nebo jestli to opravdu myslí vážně. Faktem zůstává, že včera odehráli (první?) zápas proti FI a to v sestavě Vody - Gyros - Bubuss - Lukas - Spirit, otázkou zůstává, kdo vlastně v DH doopravdy je? (a kdo ne?) Každopádně za BK držíme palce a těšíme se na vzájemné zápasy :wink:
2) Francouzský hráč Selami začal zaznamenávat veškeré klanové dění na ZDaemonu (http://forums.zdaemon.org/viewtopic.php?t=14879), ať chcete, nebo ne, výsledky jakékoliv hry, která aspoň trochu vypadá jako clanwar, se objeví na této stránce.
3) Selami nabyl dojmu, že ZD na tom ještě s aktivitou není tak špatně a pokusil se otevřít téma CTF ligy, tedy lépe řečeno se nepokusil, ale skutečně to téma otevřel a pokud se ptáte kde, tak hledejte v sekci offtopic :wink:
4) Za zmínku také stojí jeden nemalý úspěch BK, experience body všech členů dohromady totiž překročily magickou hranici 1 000 000!!! Tedy lépe řečeno, on k tomu stačil jen Funebrákův účet........
5) Do nedávna také fungoval klan iP v sestavě Marax - Lukas111 + (Scylla), po odchodu z BK zde našel své útočiště i britský hráč Evolution, Lukas nejspíš svou duši nadobro zaprodal vodymu a Scylla hraje jen když potřebují třetího, ale oni teď nejspíš potřebují i druhého..... no uvidíme jak to s tímto klanem ještě bude.

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Současná situace v BK6.3.2013 - FunebraK
    Zdravím všechny (dva) příznivce BK a ty co si to tu někdy přečtou. Je třeba trochu sesumírovat, jak to teď s BK vypadá. Už dávno zase neplatí, že Black Kabaragoya = český klan. Asi půl roku zpátky tu Bulb provedl převratnou revoluci a začal nabírat ty největší hvězdy z Evropy. Budiž k němu za to peklo milosrdné, podle jmen to tu totiž dneska vypadá jako nějakej dreamteam z roku řekněme 2009. Skutečnost je ale ta, že se (zatím) vůbec nic nehraje (popravdě ono ani neni pořádně s kým), Bulb to chvíli po převratu zabalil a nás rádobyaktivních zůstala možná půlka. Nicméně pro pořádek tady je podle mých informací dnešní sestava BK:

Bulb - czegi - Devisin - Evolution - FunebraK - Graim - Sniper (ShaD) - turSKA - Xsnake

....a ještě nějaký info o nich, co je mi známo:

Bulb - revolucionář, vizionář, admin těhle stránek a flákač :smile: Na irc nechal zprávu, že si dává od dooma pauzu na neurčito, zatím pořád čekáme..:zdar:

czegi - neaktivní už léta, nicméně kdykoliv mu můžu říct a je připravenej s náma něco zahrát (asi dvakrát už se to stalo)

Devisin - jediný příslušník něžného pohlaví v klanu, občas se objeví na irc, pořád má chuť hrát

Evolution - přešel k nám předevčírem z dnes již mrtvého klanu dp (aspoň nevim o nikom, kdo by to tam táhnul) s tím, že si konečně zahraje - zkusíme něco vymyslet no :wink:

FunebraK - píše teď tuhle newsu, stále aktivní, stále k dispozici bez nějakých delších prodlev od jeho začátků na ZD (taky je dost možný, že to tu celý drží pohromadě díky mně :cool: )

Graim - ZMIZEL!! jako vždycky. Nevim jestli je zrovna ve Francii, na Havaji, v Quebecu nebo se jenom fláká, ale na doomovi jsem ho neviděl už hrooozně dlouho

Sniper - stále aktivní, většinou teda na Skulltagu (nebo jak se to tam teď jmenuje, vem to čert), ale když občas přijde na irc, je k dispozici pro náš tým

turSKA - dřív se poctivě objevoval na ZD s BK tagem, dneska nevim jak na tom je, někdo mi dokonce říkal, že už snad ani členem neni, uvidíme...(kdyžtak to tu editnu a doplnim)

Xsnake - pravidelně s přestávkama chodí na náš irc kanál, když je online, chuť hrát mu rozhodně nechybí

A to je asi tak všechno, klany v dnešní době..:biggrin::biggrin:
Ale něco se přece v Evropě děje, nedávno vznikl nadějný klan iP a hned za náma běžel s výzvou o match (hoši to nejde tak rychle dneska), pak tu jsou nějaký méně nadějný klany s krátkou trvanlivostí, ale pořád se dá něco zahrát... nějaký výzvy přichazejí i z Ameriky, tak se necháme překvapit.
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Taky to tak máte po půlhodince na publicu?9.11.2012 - Bulb
    LINK ===> http://milujipraci.cz/
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[BK]ShaD23.9.2012 - Bulb
    po kratší odmlce vítáme v klanu novou posilu, v řadě již druhý angličan v klanu BK, osřílený duelový specialista ShadowForce aka Sniper který v dobách největší slávy nelenil pečovat o dwango trávník i několikrát denně což jistojistě přineslo vytoužené ovoce, diky své píli a pečlivé přípravě se mu povedlo dopracovat se až do toho nejlepšího co může současná zdaemon klanová scéna nabídnout - jinými slovy do klanu black kabaragoya!

za celý klan přeju hodně úspěchů
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