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Interview #2 - mikehail4.5.2013 19:04 - Bulb
    Hello and welcome to the second BK interview! Today we chose someone who has experienced various doom ports over the years, one great attacker from the IDL, outstanding player and one of not so many people I actually know from the IDL, here we go, the IDL champion mikehail :wink:

1. Tell us about yourself, how old are you, what do you do for living and what are your hobbies?

Well, my name is Michael, I am a 25 year old senior in university, currently studying biology.

I used to daytrade but felt like I could be more useful and interesting if I got a degree that would allow me to not spend 10 hours glued to the computer every day watching graphs and reading news.

As far as hobbies go, I love cooking, maintaining a bunch of aquariums, though I don't have time for that currently, or anything outdoorsy like fishing or chasing around my dwarf goats. Of course I sometimes play video games too.

2. If you could move to any country in the world, which would you choose and why?

Oh boy, I have no clue. There are a lot of countries I would like to visit like mongolia, brazil, georgia, scandinavia, and some others, but mostly from a learning perspective.

3. What are your current plans for the future?

Hopefully going to be getting a masters degree and getting into some state research or conservation work. Hopefully something that can make use of my biology and engineering backgrounds. Recreationally, I would also like to eat lots of strange foods of different cultures, like your steak tartare.

4. If you were asked to pick between: ping 30 to every single ZDaemon server, tasty Alaska bear dinner or being the IRC master on Skulltag, what would you pick?

Well, I already had 40 ping to a zd server when unfy was still up in california and I beat RFA in a 2v4 and they got butthurt and left. If I had to go on the skulltag irc I would probably end up killing myself or suffering some sort of terrible event. However, I have heard that bear makes a fantastic sausage and what would be better for dinner than a nice bear sausage goulash? I suppose you could make some type of stuffed bear chops but that sounds a lot less interesting and a lot more chewy.

5. What's your doom history, how did you come across it and when did you try multiplayer doom for the first time?

I kind of played off and on when I was younger on my brothers account. The first time was probably back somewhere between 2000-2003, I only played rarely as I still was actively playing quakeworld. A few years later I came back, early 2007 and started playing some coop. I was too nervous to even play duels or ctf for a long time, but eventually ended up joining the IDL but didn't end up playing more than one game in the first season because I had moved and had no internet. After another year or so I kind of worked my way back into it, playing more of an offensive role as my crappier internet was nearly impossible to get frags on.

I think my most significant 1v1 opponent was chewy, I think I played probably 75% or more of my duels against him. I beat him in zdraceb a few times, probably my most important doom accomplishment :tongue:

6. What games do you play besides doom?

I think most actively I play league of legends, but I play a lot of really boring strategy games too. Anything by paradox interactive is pretty amazing. If it has any type of strategy component I have probably at least looked at it. Quakeworld is a lot of fun too, but I am pretty awful and it can be hard to play, but the community is super nice and very dedicated.

7. I remember you from the days when IDL used to take place in ZDaemon community. I suppose those were the best moments of competitive dooming for you, what moments were the most significant in your opinion?

I think I enjoyed every single team I was on for different reasons. SXP part 1 had the great moment of playing my first IDL game and pulling out the win in a powerplay situation, against Ralphis and Fyrestorm (I can still remember xenaero saying omg omg fyre is coming). My first run on SPE was a lot of fun because we were awful and I had nothing to worry about, it was a perfect opportunity to focus on my gameplay and get better. After that, I finally got on a team with bones on BSK and that was the season I set the flag record, which was a pretty large accomplishment I think when you consider I was playing with around 120-140ms of lag. We ended up losing, mostly because our teammate midian ended up invading cuba for some reason and was playing with *** ping vs our biggest rival of the season. My first time playing with Tai was alright, it gave me a lot of time to get to know DevastatioN since he was my teammate and we practiced a lot, which really helped round out my game with regards to positioning and timing. I got a season with Nostar which we would have won but ultimately I felt like it was just too easy, even though we lost, since we steamrolled all the teams that season. Finally on SPE for the last time, it was a very interesting scenario for me, because I finally got a decent connection and had about 80ms to the IDL servers. My frag ratio jumped about 30% in the span of a week and I felt like I had reached my peak in terms of play. Finally on KNF, I ended up playing a carrying role, which was quite a large spin for me, as my first few seasons I felt so helpless and I had become one of the best players in the league.

Of course, there were quite a few fun moments in european leagues too, playing vain on map01, playing in the vendetta tournament and seeing shadowforce whine about lag when I had 350ms was pretty hilarious, xsnakes apple wrangling!! and of course winning the rlight tournament (to this day I am still undefeated vs nostar there).

I never got a chance to play with chewy, but that would have been a waste of time because it would have been too easy and we would have screwed off and threw. I did get to play with bones, dev, nostar, rus, and some others, which was quite a lot of fun. All those guys have a great sense of humor and a pretty decent work ethic, except bones with his girl wrists. As far as strongest team ever, it would be any team with chewy on it, he pretty much counted as 2 people on every map, I was only good enough to guarantee wins on a small handful of maps, though I feel like we had very similar playstyles. He was just much better at it :turned:

8. It's obvious why IDL changed to Odamex. I don't want to start any portwars, but since you are experienced in both ports, how would you compare these two ports and their communities?

It was kind of a forced move for the IDL, which I did not really support at all initially. Odamex simply wasn't as good as ZD at the time, so it was kind of a political move more than anything. If Zdaemon wasn't so hostile to the IDL, I think it would still be played on that port, but all attempts at reconciliation were avoided. As far as communities go, ZD is quite a bit larger and more diverse I would say but I think the current playerbase on odamex is a lot more dedicated and skilled. The biggest selling point for odamex I think is drsean is a really nice, laid back guy and most questions are addressed simply.

9. What do you think about BK? :smile:


10. Thank you for your time miek! Who would you recommend for the next interview? :wink:

I think some of the more interesting untold stories would be from dewww or humanbones, two guys who have been on all sides of the ring for years.

1 ) Napsal jarin (4.5.2013 20:01:04)
good :thumbup:

2 ) Napsal Gyross (7.5.2013 08:16:38)
Good job tracking down and interviewing this guy. Miek is beast. Burgerking sucks.

3 ) Napsal dew (12.5.2013 01:58:04)
not enough food questions

4 ) Napsal fluff (13.5.2013 21:30:28)
pet goats!!

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